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We are private pay only, but are happy to provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance. Reimbursement is not guaranteed, but is worth at try! If you have a Flexspending or Health Reimbursement Account through an employer, speech therapy is a reimbursable cost! We use IVY PAY- a HIPPA safe, credit card system. Your card gets put on file once, and is charged after each session. 

Office is located at 101 W. Long Lake Rd, 

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Speech and Language Consultations (No cost)

We offer complimentary speech and language consultations. The speech-language pathologist will talk with you via phone or email to discuss your concerns, and will provide recommendations.

Speech and Language Evaluations ($250)

We offer complete speech and language evaluations that are tailored to the concerns you have with your child's speech or language skills. An evaluation is typically 60+ minutes, and will result in a full report with recommendations.

Speech and Language Therapy ($60/30 or $75/45 minute sessions)
We offer individual therapy sessions for children of all ages. Areas that may be targeted in therapy include speech sounds (producing sounds), receptive language (understanding language), expressive language (expressing language), pragmatic skills (social communication), and stuttering. We will recommend length of session based on your child's goals and individual needs.

                                 Office Visits- 101 W. Long Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills. Our office is located                                   in a light green house that has been renovated into offices. Parking is in                                       the back of the building. 

                                 Home Visits- We will come to you to provide therapy to your child. This                                     works well for parents who have other kids at home, and don't want to                                       get everyone in the car. We understand!

                                 Virtual Sessions - Virtual sessions work well if your child is able to                                              sit and participate through a screen without distraction. If your child is                                        young or requires a more hands-on approach, a face-to-face session will be                                    recommended. 

Parent Support (Always our pleasure!)
Our goal is to support parents in any way needed, which may include:
- Regularly speaking to your child's teacher or other therapists 
- Emailing or calling you after each therapy session to give a session recap
- Giving strategies or work to promote carry-over of speech-language skills into the home